Known for his active involvement in yachting and the marine industry in the U.K. and the Caribbean, John Duffy was elected President of the prestigious Sussex Motor Yacht Club at its AGM in September 2018.

The Sussex Motor Yacht Club is unique in that it is the world’s only non-Royal yacht club to have the right to wear the undefaced Blue Ensign and had many famous members including David, Prince of Wales (Edward VIII [and Mrs Simpson]), Charlie Chaplin, The Duke of Westminster, Rudyard Kipling, the Vanderbilt family and, joining the Club from Antigua some 15 years ago, Richard Wright of Pink Floyd fame who used to keep his yacht, Evrika, in Nelson’s Dockyard.

As Commodore of Brighton Marina Yacht Club, John Duffy was instrumental in the rescue of Sussex Motor Yacht Club from bankruptcy in the early 1990s and enabled its continued right to wear and issue warrants for the rare undefaced Blue Ensign. Any member of Sussex Motor Yacht Club may apply to wear an undefaced Blue Ensign subject to the rules laid down by the Admiralty but now administered by the Royal Yachting Association.

Sussex Motor Yacht Club, once famed for its motor boat races, contestants competing for trophies such as the Venture Cup presented by the Vanderbilt family in 1908 and the Britannia Trophy presented by David, Prince of Wales in 1931, is now promoting and sponsoring renewable energy power boating in the form of hybrid and electric boats although owners of conventionally powered boats and sailing yachts are welcome to become members. Details of the club can be seen on its website –

Despite living in Antigua, John Duffy has maintained an active interest in Sussex Motor Yacht Club and although elected to an honorary position, he will be happy to assist with any enquiries from yacht owners within the Caribbean who may wish to take up membership of this unique and prestigious yacht club. Sussex Motor Yacht Club would also welcome affiliation with yacht clubs from the Caribbean.