John Sheffield

Honorary Secretary
E-mail: john.sheffield@localhost
Brief info

I joined the Sussex Motor Yacht Club because I own a motor yacht, berthed at Brighton Marina, and I live and was brought up in Sussex. I have lived in many countries and places, but I consider Sussex to be my true home.
I also chose SMYC because I appreciate that it is a prestigious club with a proud history which aims to be exciting and relevant for the future.

I am former Royal Navy, first serving for a short time on a destroyer and a frigate and then a 30-month stint on an Aircraft Carrier. Thereafter moving to the other extreme by volunteering for the Submarine Service. I spent the sixties during the cold war playing my part when we had a high expectation that we could be at war at any moment.

SMYC is, with a little help from a small group of members who have a great enthusiasm for the Club, being reborn. We have started what I hope will be a journey back to some of the founder’s aspirations when they set out to form the Club.

A Club is its people, but we are very lucky to have a great and illustrious history to build on and a magnificent collection of silverware. We are extremely privileged to hold a warrant, issued in 1909 to issue blue ensign permits to our members.

Our membership includes likeminded, amiable and innovative people and we need more of them.

Our proud heritage is a bond between us, but we are determined to build on our past by embracing modern technology and communications. We are hoping to sponsor new and efficient boat propulsion and renewable technologies and in so doing, grow our membership and reputation.

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